Dutch Gem Academy

Gemmology Practical Workshops - 2019

Please find the schedules for our Gem Identification #1 & #2, Coloured Gemstone Grading #1, Lab-Created & Treated Gems and Diamond Grading & Lab-created Diamonds practical workshops.

Gem Identification #1
5 Days
Gem Identification #2
5 Days
Coloured Gemstone Grading #1
5 Days
Lab-Created and Treated Gems
5 Days
Diamond Grading & Lab-created Diamonds
8 Days
Sept 25 - 28 * Sept 30 - Oct 3 * TBA TBA TBA

* These workshops will be offered in Naarden, Holland (located 20 minutes from Amsterdam) from September 25th to October 3rd, 2019. To accommodate overseas students and to meet the 30 hour requirement, we have reconfigured the workshops so that instead of two five-day practical classes (6 hours per day), we will be offering them in two four-day formats (7.5 hours per day).

To reserve a place in the Gem Identification #1 workshop please click here

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Practical Workshop Availability

At the Dutch Gem Academy, we pride ourselves on offering intimate classes with a high instructor/student ratio and fully equipped workstations. If you would like to enroll in one of our gemmology workshops, please download and complete the application form, scan it and email it to us to confirm availability. All places will be filled on a 'first come, first served' basis with the date and time of the receipt of the application form used to establish the priority placing.

To download the application form, please click here

Practical Workshop Prerequisites

Students must fulfil the following World Gem Foundation theory or practical prerequisites or provide evidence that they have taken equivalent programs through other recognised gemmological organizations in order to take our practical workshops. Please remember that these workshops are designed to give you practical experience and this can only be achieved if participants are fully conversant with the equipment they will be using, the principles they are based upon and the correct operational procedures.

Practical Workshop Theory or Practical Prerequisites
Gem Identification #1 Basic Gemmology or Equivalent
Gem Identification #2 Gem Identification #1
Coloured Gemstone Grading #1 -
Lab-created & Treated Gems Advanced Gemmology or Equivalent
Diamond Grading & Lab-created Diamonds Diamonds or Equivalent